• Welcome to the Turismo Aereo website

    Have you ever thought about a beautiful scenic flight over the Dolomites or the Venice Lagoon? Or maybe overflying your favourite italian city?
  • Daily excursions or weekend escapades

    Would you like to organize an unforgettable day or spend a weekend in a beautiful island or even visiting charming italian cities without having to waste all your time driving the car or at the airport?
  • With us, all that is possible

    Through our association you will find the planes and a group of skilled pilots to provide this service in a safe, reliable and most of all free way, sharing only the hourly cost of the aircraft and airport fees.
  • Scenic or destination flights

    In the section “Our flights” you will find an example of the more frequent flights. If you want to become a member of our association instead, with just a small yearly fee you will have our full fleet of aircrafts at your disposal.

Voli panoramici

Scenic flights

City of Treviso, Venice and its lagoon, Alps and Dolomites, Garda Lake. These are just some of the beautiful areas that you can overfly. 


Destination flights

Is there a specific area or city you would like to visit in a day? Cannes,  Milan, Pula, Zadar, Stuttgart, Rome, Vienna, Elba Island, Siena and many more are only one step away.



Want to spend a weekend away along with some friends for a quick escapade? Contact us and we will schedule our next flight. 


The choice is yours. Suggest and request the location you want to reach. We only ask you to share the hourly cost of the aircraft and airport fees. So the more people you are, the more you save!

Place your next flag and… have a nice flight!

Mappa europa

Our mission is to make the sky the most beautiful place on the Earth.

Turismo Aereo was founded six years ago by some pilots and instructors, members of the Treviso Flight School. The aim is to promote the flight and the various aviation disciplines. We offer our service for free so that everyone, common folks or enthusiast, can have a closer look to this exciting world.

We do not offer regular air passenger service

We must underline this concept in order to respect and adhere to the international regulations about air passenger service. No payment is due for our flights, you are simply our guest. We only ask you to share the hourly cost of the aircraft and airport taxes. The hourly cost of the aircraft is calculated beginning from the engine start until its stop while airport taxes may vary from airport to airport and period of the year.

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