We make the sky the most beautiful place on the Earth

We are a group of pilots and instructors of the Treviso Flight School (IT.ATO.0073) and we offer absolutely for free, in order to promote the knowledge of flying and to discover our territory, to join us during our flights, observing our wonderful country from the sky, or even taking you abroad. If there is any area or city you would like to visit or see from the sky, just ask: we will be more than happy to share with you the experience.

We do not offer regular air passenger service

We must underline this concept in order to respect and adhere to the international regulations about air passenger service. No payment is due for our flights, you are simply our guest. We only ask you to share the hourly cost of the aircraft and airport taxes. The hourly cost of the aircraft is calculated beginning from the engine start until its stop while airport taxes may vary from airport to airport and period of the year.

Treviso Airport

Treviso Airport

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